Scoliosis Yoga Exercises: Mountain Pose

Scoliosis yoga exercises can provide great benefits to those struggling to improve posture and relieve discomfort in the back due to scoliosis, and the Mountain Pose is one of these exercises. This pose is good for patients with scoliosis because it strengthens and elongates the spine, focuses on attaining perfect posture, and engages core muscles that can help relieve tension in the back.

Scoliosis Yoga: Mountain Pose

To onlookers, this pose does not look like anything more than standing, but there is much more muscle engagement involved in this pose for scoliosis sufferers.

  1. Begin standing with feet close together so that your big toes touch together.
  2. Spread your toes out as much as you can. At this step you can separate your heels slightly if the insides of your ankles are touching together too hard.
  3. Spread the weight of your body evenly throughout your feet, not just on the balls or heels of the feet.
  4. Scoliosis Yoga Exercises

    Yoga has been used for centuries to help the mind and body, and it's a great form of scoliosis yoga exercises.

  5. Create a firm foundation with your feet, and then flex your quadriceps, or upper thigh muscles. You will know you are doing this right if your knee caps rise.
  6. Pull your thighs inward to widen the sit bones and gently engage your stomach muscles to pull your belly in.
  7. Keep your shoulder blades pulled back, your back straight, and extend the neck toward the ceiling.

You may benefit from doing this pose with your back against a wall because you will be able to feel which areas are not lined up right and can work on extending the muscles that have been pinched because of the curves in your spine. Doing this pose regularly can increase your awareness of your posture and eventually correct your scoliosis.

Note: Consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program to learn more about scoliosis and to determine the course of treatment that works best for you.

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Watch the video below for an example of this pose:

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