Equipment Checklist for Scoliosis Exercises

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine is curved in a way it should not be. This often begins to occur in childhood and the many indications include uneven hips, ribs, or odd walking positions. There are braces that can help push the spine back into the right position; however, there are scoliosis exercises that are meant to help strengthen the spine and put it back in place as well as alleviate some of the pain that may be experienced.

Here is a list of equipment that may be necessary during scoliosis exercises:

  • Yoga Mat – Yoga and Pilates are two types of exercises that focus on using body weight and some props to work the muscles in the body. Rather than focusing on repetition, this more focuses on the quality of each exercise. These exercises are intended to strengthen the core, which may be very beneficial to patients with scoliosis. Yoga mats are necessary for these types of exercises, but ropes and blocks may also be used during the workout to prop the back into the right position or for stretching.
  • Medicine Balls – There are many methods for using medicine balls in the treatment of scoliosis. Since posture is a common issue for patients with scoliosis, medicine balls can help develop lower back strength which can improve posture. Some of the exercises done with a medicine ball are twists, crunches, and overhead presses.
  • Weights – Building upper-body strength is also beneficial to patients with scoliosis because that strength can help improve posture and balance. Weight lifting is one way of developing arm and shoulder strength.
  • Scoliosis Exercises Equipment

    Scoliosis exercises can be performed with different pieces of equipment or even your own body weight.

  • Wall Bars – Wall bars look similar to a ladder, but they allow patients with scoliosis to hang at different heights and different angles in order to correct the defective curves in the spine. This is commonly known as the Scroth Method, and generally it is done under the advisement of a physical therapist.
  • Exercise Machines – Many machines found at a local gym can also be beneficial to scoliosis patients. The best machines are anything that would strengthen the arms, shoulders, and upper and lower back.
  • Body Weight – The cheapest and easiest equipment out there is using one’s own body. Many exercises in Pilates and yoga are meant to use the body’s weight as the only resistance, and slow movements help build up strength. These exercises can stretch the back to help the curvatures or strengthen to help posture.

Note: Consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program to learn more about scoliosis and to determine the course of treatment that works best for you.

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